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Professional and friendly eye care

Our practice has over 25 years of eye care expertise, and our doctors Michael Grossman MD, Robert Pode DO, and Gary Finkelstein MD care about improving the quality of vision for all our patients.

Eliminate cloudy


Schedule an appointment and learn about how cataract surgery can change your life

Cataract surgery

•  May eliminate the need for glasses or contacts

•  Out-patient surgery can be done at your local hospital

•  Premium intraocular lenses improve the clarity of your vision

•  No stitch cataract procedures will reduce your healing time

Choosing cataract surgery

You may have cataracts if you have trouble seeing while driving, watching TV, or experience a decrease in vision quality over time.  Contact us to see how you can benefit from cataract surgery and see if our procedures are right for you.

If you are diagnosed with cataracts, have trouble seeing at night, or have cloudy eyes, you may benefit from our cataract surgery procedure.

Recover your vision, regain your freedom

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